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The Camosun Web Foundations program is a 120 hour, comprehensive course that teaches the student the skills of web design and web development. The goal of the class is to allow the learner the opportunity to understand the process of creating web site and to leave the class with a basic, but fully functioning site.

For more information on the Camosun Web Foundations Program or to apply to the program, please visit the Camosun site.

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  • Wayne Richard: I guess they are not concerned with how it looks on a phone!
  • Synba: Agreed!
  • Joel Friesen: Questions to ask your client regarding the project: What are we...
  • Joel Friesen: When finding out about the company and product, try asking: How...
  • Joel Friesen: http://dowebsitesneedtolookexa ctlythesameineverybrowser.com/

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