How to register your domain name and purchase webhosting services

Welcome students! These instructions are for students in the Camosun Web Foundations Program, or one of the additional programs that require a web site. These steps, including emailing the instructor, need to be completed one week before the start of the program or class because this process takes some time on their end. Give your self lots of time to complete the steps and be aware that the website name you chose needs to be appropriate in a class room environment.

Step 1

Be sure you have everything you need

Gather the necessary information you need to choose and register your site with A Small Orange:

  • A credit card or paypal account (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • $35 US dollars for hosting (this is a reoccurring annual charge if you wish to keep the site)
  • $10.55 US dollars for the domain name, more for a .ca name (this is a reoccurring annual charge if you wish to keep the site)
  • An email address
  • An idea of what you want to name your new website (domain name)
    • Domain names  should be short, easy to remember or spell and express the intent of your site. Because domain names may be used in print, carefully consider how the name looks on paper.
    • If you plan on using the site to promote your portfolio, consider using your first and last name, eg. or Remember that you will very likely continue using this domain beyond the program or class, so choose the name with care.
    • The site name must be appropriate in a classroom environment.
    • The most common extension is .com. If you want to learn more about picking a domain name, take a look at this Smashing Magazine article.

Step 2

Connect to “A Small Orange”

A Small Orange is the required web hosting company for this program. Much research was done and this company was selected because they offer a cost effective plan for hosting.

All students must register with the same hosting service so that instructions regarding
connecting and uploading and downloading can be consistent and predictable. If you already have a website with another host, you are still required to purchase hosting services with A Small Orange for use in the program. Having two websites may be benefit in search engine optimization if you cross link the sites together to support each other. If you have a site already and want to learn about the benefits, this SEO Theory article may help you

Step 3

Choose shared web hosting

On the small orange site, hit the FIND YOUR PERFECT PLAN button found on the top right. Once inside the hosting screen you will be presented with varieties of hosting options. These different options represent different levels of service. The level of service we are interested in is called Shared Web Hosting.

  • Chose shared web hosting.
Choose shared web hosting

Choose shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a type of site that lives on a server that is shared with other sites on this server. There are advantages in cost and disadvantages regarding security. If you plan to use the site to collect credit card numbers or online shopping (which is not covered in this course) You will want to up grade to a more secure level after the course is over.

Step 4

Choose the tiny plan


The tiny plan should cover everything you need for this course, and more. You will be given 250megs of space in which to place your photos or HTML files. You are given 5gb of bandwidth on your site. This means that if you had filled up your site to the brim with 250megs of files, someone viewing your site could look at your entire site 40 times a month! It’s doubtful that you will fill up the entire quota, and it’s even more doubtful that anyone will max out your download quota.

  • Chose the large button for the tiny plan, marked “Signup”

Step 5

Register a new domain

The name is unavailable

The name is unavailable

If the name is available but you don't want it

If the name is available but you don’t want it

The domain name is available

The domain name is available

Here is where you get to chose your website name!

  • Click the radio button next to I want A Small Orange to register a new domain for me
  • You will see a line that begins www. Type your desired domain name into the space provided, click continue.
  • If the name you chose is not available, you see a red “Unavailable” in the status below and you can try a new name, by retyping and clicking continue.
  • If the name is available, but you don’t like it, uncheck the box on the far right hand side of the invoice area below, type in another name above, and  hit continue it will recheck to see if the new name is available.
  • Keep trying until you get a name you are happy with! Then check the box, chose how long you wish to register the domain name, click on  continue.

Step 6

Chose billing cycle

Here you will be billed for the site every 6 or 12 months. I personally prefer to take care of it once a year.

  • Chose a 12 or 6 month billing cycle. I’d recommend the 12 month, or annual billing cycle.

Step 7

Configure your Product

  • You do not need ID protection. No need to check this box

Step 8


Check to confirm and add in a promotion code

Check to confirm and add in a promotion code

A confirmation screen is now shown.

  • You will see a confirmation screen
  • remove any domian names that were accidentally added by clicking “remove”
  • we have a discount coupon for you!
  • In the “promotional code” box type camosunwebdes into the Promotion Code box and click validate code receive $5 discount. This is a noncommissioned sales discount. Nobody receives a kick-back for this discount.
  • click on check out

Step 9

Fill in your life story.

  • Here you will be asked for payment details and your name and address.
  • You will create a client area password, write it down! you will need this on your first day of class, and when you renew your site.
  • If you have trouble, submit a trouble ticket, and email your instructor

Security and privacy note

The information you give to the registrar is public information. Registrars need to keep a public record of your purchase. Your address, phone number and name will be publicly available if someone wants to know who registered your site.

Because a small Orange is an American company, with American servers, the data you store on the server during the class is subject to the Patriot Act. American governmental agencies my be able to see what files you store on your site without a warrant. Please don’t use your site to host illegal or harmful content!

A couple things to note about the bill

The domain name is typically set to auto renew each year. This means you won’t lose the domain name, but you will be automatically charged $10 each year.

The hosting is not automatically renewed. You will be sent an email to the email address you provided, and it will tell you the hosting is going to expire soon. you will be directed to a customers area on a small orange where you can pay an invoice. To login into the customers area you will need the user name and client area password.

Step 10

You will receive a few confirmation emails in the next 24 hours.

You will be sent 3 or 4 emails (Order confirmation, Payment Confirmation, Domain registration confirmation, and New account information).

New account information email  contains

  • Your site name (
  • Your user name (usually the first 8 characters of your fullname)
  • instructions to get your cPanel password.

Print out and save your New account information email for your notes. When your website contract is about to expire, you will have to use the password they sent you to renew your subscription.

  • If you don’t receive the New account information email within 24 hours, check your junk mail folder
  • If you have trouble, submit a trouble ticket, and email your instructor

Step 11

Email the instructor. In this email, copy and paste the address of the website into the email, check to see that it links to the site before sending. In the email, describe the method by which you will remember to bring the client area password to class on the first day.

Joel’s email is Clark’s email is If you aren’t sure who your instructor is, please email both!

Remember, each of these names and passwords are case sensitive, so be very careful to copy down capital letters and numbers.


You are done!

You have registered your website for the course! I hope you enjoy your new site, and I look forward to teaching you!

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  1. Major Patteson says:

    Thanks so much for good article, I am excited learn more from you.

  2. kathleen says:

    It was easy to set up my website and domain name. I accidently set up 2 domains( forgot the “s” ) and when I emailed a small oramge ,they responded
    very quickly. I am excited about learning how to set up the web site.

  3. Hi Joel: look forward to next weeks sessions. Clark’s classes were eye-opening for me because I’m very new to social media. And people do tweet in Thailand. Mostly politicians and journalists.

  4. Hi Joel: My website will be a non-profit site. The primary target group will be a group of university alumni (500 plus since 1987). I’d like to have the website be a bilingual (English/Thai) site. Is this possible? Has anyone in your classes tried this before?

  5. Hi Joel
    Registering my new web domain was straightforward and interesting. Look forward to seeing you in class again.